Wellness and Preventative Care

At Creature Comforts Veterinary Hospital, we focus on preventative medicine. Routine wellness visits, dental care, parasite control, balanced nutrition, and vaccinations are important for good health care.

The doctor will completely examine your pet from nose to tail. A routine physical examination can reveal medical conditions. Dogs and cats age much faster than humans, so many changes can occur in 6 months. We recommend twice yearly wellness examinations to make sure your pet stays healthy and to address medical problems early.

Thanks to current technologies, it is now possible to provide your pet with a means of identification far superior to the name written on their collar. Microchips are becoming an increasingly popular way to help lost pets get found.

Creature Comforts veterinarians are trained in the area of nutrition and are happy to assist you in finding the formula that will best meet your pet’s nutritional needs.

If your pet is misbehaving or acting inappropriately, it’s always best to rule out any possible medical condition first. Once a clean bill of health has been established, our canine behavioral counselor is always available to help correct the areas of concern.